SSAS : Cubes Null Processing

Cubes Null Processing


Errors in the OLAP storage engine:

The attribute key cannot be found when processing: Table: ‘dbo_eCubes_FactPurchasingDelivering’,

# Column: ‘SUPP_ID’, Value: ‘0’. The attribute is ‘Supplier Name’..



The view eCubes_FactPurchasingDelivering has null values for supp_id which does not have corresponding values in eCubes_DimSupplier view.

One of the records in goods_receive_master has null value for supp_id and therefore it caused the process to fail.

However these types of issues can be fixed by Null Processing property in dimension and in the cube.


  1. Browse the problem ‘Cube’ from solution explorer
  2. Click on ‘-‘ button
  3. Click on Advanced Button
  4. Select ‘UnknownMember’ and click ok
  5. Double click on the related Dimension from solution explorer
  6. Right Click on the dimension and select Properties
  7. Set UnknownMember = Visible, UnknownMemberName = Unknown in the properties.